Cipla Medpro Achieves "Worry Free" Supply Chain Planning with Help from ToolsGroup

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Sept. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ToolsGroup's "Powerfully Simple" supply chain planning software is helping Cipla Medpro, the South African distributor for one the world's largest manufacturer of HIV/AIDS antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), achieve "worry free" forecasting, inventory and supply chain planning.  

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Cipla Medpro (Cipla) is a joint venture between Cipla International and the South African company Medpro Pharmaceutica. One of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in South Africa, Cipla found its needs outstripping its existing systems. Contributing to the challenge were long lead times for imported products plus demand spikes caused by government contracts (tenders).

In January 2012, Cipla turned to ToolsGroup to outsource its forecasting, inventory and replenishment planning. The service is managed twice weekly via ToolsGroup's Cape Town office using a Business Process Outsourced (BPO) service integrated to Cipla's ERP system, Pastel Evolution.

Inventory turns have started to improve and Cipla sees the opportunity to significantly reduce stock while maintaining its current very high service levels. Originally targeting a 25-40% inventory improvement, the company now believes final results could be even higher.

"For the first time ever for us, ToolsGroup's powerful and yet simple supply chain planning approach has allowed us to achieve "worry free" planning––dramatically reducing the burden of these processes," said Joseph Ludorf, Managing Director of Cipla Medpro.

"We are excited to partner with a leading and household brand name such as Cipla Medpro in assisting them with their supply chain planning," said Heinrich Dill, Managing Director of ToolsGroup South Africa. "As a team, we are confident in adding significant value to Cipla Medpro."

About Cipla Medpro
Cipla Medpro is a joint venture between Cipla International and South African company Medpro Pharmaceutica. Cipla is a prominent Indian pharmaceutical company, best-known for manufacturing low-cost anti-AIDS drugs for HIV-positive patients in developing countries. It has played a similarly prominent role in expanding access to drugs to fight influenza, respiratory disease and cancer. Cipla makes drugs to treat cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, weight control, depression and many other health conditions, and its products are distributed in virtually every country of the world.

About ToolsGroup
ToolsGroup ( is a global provider of Powerfully Simple supply chain planning software. Our customers overcome volatile demand and challenging supply chains to generate accurate forecasts and outstanding customer-service levels with less global inventory.  Reliable behind-the-screen technology and scalable statistical models enable highly intelligent data-driven decision making. ToolsGroup's solutions span key supply chain planning areas such as Demand Forecasting, S&OP, Demand Sensing, Promotion Forecasting and Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization.

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