Catalent Continues to Make Investments Into Expanding Its' Global Clinical Suppy Services Capacity and Offering

Somerset, NJ - June 30, 2011 - Catalent Pharma Solutions' Clinical Supply Services business has recently undertaken two global expansion initiatives that enhance the company's ability to provide unparalleled service to its customers in the controlled substance arena.

In the United States, Catalent's Philadelphia site has benefited from a recently completed 3,000 square feet cage expansion which can accommodate DEA Schedule III-V drugs, as well as other special security and storage needs.  The newly-approved DEA cage will provide 500 additional storage locations to existing capacity and provide additional storage, distribution, and return drug management capabilities.

"Our expansion is a direct result of the growing demand from our customers for DEA regulated and special security controlled logistics activities," said John Morrison, General Manager of Catalent's Philadelphia Clinical site.

Internationally, Catalent's facilities in Schorndorf, Germany are also undergoing expansion.  The expansion includes both additional controlled substance storage and increased warehousing space. Peter Brun, Director, Clinical Supply Services, notes that "the controlled drug storage expansion is planned to be completed by the end of June and will provide significant additional storage to enhance our global capabilities."

This enhanced global controlled substance capability, combined with Catalent's offerings in comparator sourcing, clinical packaging and labeling, manufacturing and blinding, and distribution and warehousing allows Catalent to better meet the needs of virtually any size clinical trial, with any drug, anywhere in the world - a capability unmatched by competitors in the industry.

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