Bristol-Myers recalls 65 more Avalide lots

More recall news, this time from Bristol-Myers Squibb. The company is pulling 64 million of its Avalide blood pressure tablets on worries that the combination pills aren't delivering proper amounts of one active ingredient, irbesartan. It's the same concern that caused another Avalide recall in September.

In both cases, the company hasn't received reports of safety problems and hasn't found evidence that the tablets are less effective. But the potential variability in active ingredient was enough to prompt that first recall. BMS spokeswoman Christina Trank told Reuters that, after the September episode, the company developed more sensitive testing for levels of a less-soluble form of irbesartan. That method found the latest problem and touched off the new recall.

There's one major difference between the two recalls: BMS chose not to publicly announce the new one. Instead, the company notified wholesalers and healthcare providers by letter. Reuters found out about it from a doctor.

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