BRIC Digital Physician Study: Physician Digital Behaviors Unique Across Countries

BRIC Digital Physician Study: Physician Digital Behaviors Unique Across Countries

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Pharma companies looking to leverage digital channel to boost sales and marketing must refine their understanding of the digital profiles of physicians in these countries. According to the Taking the Pulse BRIC study from firm Manhattan Research, physician use of the Internet during the workday is comparatively high in Brazil, moderate in India, and less pervasive in China.

“Physicians’ digital professional profiles vary market-to-market, whether we look at the use of mobile devices between consultations and at the point of care, or the kinds of social networks relied on,” said Principal Analyst James Avallone at Manhattan Research. “Country-specific knowledge is needed to prioritize tactics and investments.”

Taking the Pulse BRIC is a market research and advisory service focused on how physicians in Brazil, Russia, India and China use digital media and devices for , with the objective of helping global marketers assess opportunities for providing content, services and support to physicians online.

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The Taking the Pulse Global Series explores digital adoption trends among online physicians in Australia (new this year), Turkey (new this year), Brazil, Mexico , Russia, Canada, the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, India, Japan and Taiwan.

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