Brent Bankosky Supports A Dog for Kate, Fight Against Juvenile Diabetes

A Dog for Kate is the name of a unique new organization that takes an innovative approach to helping kids with diabetes—and it has won the praise of Brent Bankosky.

NEW YORK, July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Diabetes is an affliction that touches the lives of many Americans—including many children. An organization called A Dog for Kate is taking a unique approach to supporting kids with juvenile diabetes, however. The organization works to provide highly-trained canine companions to kids afflicted with this malady. The dogs are trained to effectively detect changes in blood sugar levels, using their acute sense of smell to determine when a child's glucose reaches dangerous extremes. These trained canines do not come inexpensively, but A Dog for Kate seeks to provide them to as many children as possible—and in doing so, the organization has won the praise of Brent Bankosky, a business executive with a strong background in pharmaceuticals and a deep passion for helping those with diabetes.

Brent Bankosky has responded to the efforts of A Dog for Kate with a new press statement, in which he reveals that the organization resonates with him on a very personal level. "I have tried to offer my support in the fight against juvenile diabetes for many years, and have lost friends and loved ones to this debilitating disease," says Bankosky in his statement. "A Dog for Kate stands to provide much-needed support to those children battling Type 1 diabetes."

Bankosky says these trained dogs can be true lifesavers. "A trained dog that can detect changes in a child's blood glucose levels will provide an important foundation of support for the child in the battle against diabetes, and potentially save the child's life," he affirms. "I support this important program to help children with diabetes live better and to enjoy the companionship associated with having a trained blood glucose detection dog at their side."

Brent Bankosky goes on to note the true seriousness of the disease itself—underscoring the importance of organizations like A Dog for Kate. "Type 1 diabetes, in most cases, begins in early childhood and is often unrecognized initially," he cautions.

"Parents should carefully watch for potential symptoms of diabetes developing in their children, such as frequent urination, increased thirst, increased hunger, weight loss and/or fatigue," continues Brent Bankosky. "If you suspect that one or more of these conditions affects your child, please get him or her tested for diabetes immediately. Type 1 diabetes can cause wild swings in glucose levels that can do permanent damage to the child's body and potentially impact his or her life forever."

"Type 1 diabetes is caused by an autoimmune destruction of insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells, which are important in the regulation of glucose," concludes Brent Bankosky. "If left unchecked, this can result in internal organ damage, coma, or even death."


Brent Bankosky is a business executive and corporate strategist who has a strong background in the pharmaceutical industry. Through his work, he has assisted multiple pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, Brent Bankosky has accrued global experience, allowing him to understand the international implications of innovations within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as to work well with professionals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. 

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