Authentix Introduces Comprehensive Authentication Traceability System

Authentix Introduces Comprehensive Authentication Traceability System
New Solution Offers Authentication, Comprehensive Supply Chain Visibility

Dallas -  May, 2011
Authentix, the global leader in authentication, is launching the Comprehensive Authentication Traceability System (CATS) to help brand owners fight the growing threats of product counterfeiting, product theft and grey market diversion. Now, for the first time, CATS will provide clients with complete visibility into the supply chain, helping ensure consumer safety and limit the scope of product recalls while seamlessly integrating into existing client processes. This solution is the first of its kind to provide beginning-to-end product oversight-following the product life cycle from the raw materials used in the manufacturing stage to finished product at the point of sale. CATS helps brand owners in the pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer packaged goods, beauty, tobacco and spirits industries address their supply chain uncertainties.

"CATS marries authentication and traceability by delivering the authentication technology through the product serial number," says Craig Stamm, President, Authentix. "In the past, a serial number could be copied but with CATS a serial number becomes both an authentication feature and a traceability feature that helps brand owners track products globally in near-real time. "

CATS is a fully integrated system utilizing advanced authentication technologies, item-level serialization and state-of-the-art SaaS architecture and works with existing client ERP and WHM systems. The system also features extensive exception handling to ensure data integrity combined with the ability to trace serialized and non-serialized products. As an added advantage, the system can be deployed quickly and incrementally to suit client needs.

CATS links data from all of the transaction points during the product life cycle, including the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retail inspection and consumer stages. Information from each transaction point is aggregated in a centralized database and can be readily accessed in near real time.

CATS helps brand owners lower risk, protect and increase revenues and manage product recalls while serving as a cost effective system with minimum implementation risks-effectively ensuring consumer safety and consumer confidence.

About Authentix
Authentix®, the global leader in authentication, provides brand protection, excise tax recovery, and supply chain security solutions to governments and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Since 2003, Authentix has helped safeguard clients in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries from counterfeiting, smuggling and adulteration issues. In addition, Authentix protects the currency of five G8 central banks. Innovative nano-scale engineering, serialization authentication expertise and cutting-edge sensor knowledge help Authentix create effective customized solutions that address each client's needs. To date, Authentix has helped recover $11 billion in lost revenue for our clients. For more information visit or email [email protected]