At GlaxoSmithKline, there are no corner offices, or any other

Pharma executives, if you are looking for a corner office, best not look to GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK). The U.K.-based drugmaker instead gives each employee a laptop with a "softphone," a locker and a file drawer, and then has "fluid spaces" that allow employees to move around and do what they need to do at the moment. That may be working in private, meeting in an open area with a colleague or joining a group in an ad hoc conference room, reports Forbes. In the U.S., that even includes top exec Deirdre Connelly. Edward Danyo, manager of workplace strategy, says the company figured out that employees were doing only 35% of their work in offices and cubicles while 85% of building space was devoted to such spaces. And he says within two weeks, most employees say they prefer the new system. The company also has found decisions are being made 45% faster, Danyo says. It makes one wonder what kind of workspace they prefer at Human Genome Sciences ($HGSI). Story | More