APAC Joint Replacement Market to Reach $6.4 Billion by 2020

LONDON and NEW YORK, December 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

The Joint Replacement and Joint Reconstruction Market, comprising hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement and small joint replacement, in the Asia Pacific (APAC)is projected to reach $6.4 billion by 2020. Hip arthroplasty and knee arthroplasty are the most common types of joint replacements in APAC.


Currently, the growth in the region is driven by chronic medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis; technical advancement in implant designs; new joint biomaterials; and robotic and minimally invasive surgeries (MIS). Also, the market is pushed by favorable macroeconomic factors, especially in India and China.

The future growth would be driven by the above-mentioned chronic conditions, younger patients undergoing joint replacement and requiring further revision surgeries during their lifetime. The market's growth would also be fuelled by improved healthcare infrastructure, better diagnosis facilities, and favorable macro economic factors such as increasing disposable income and rising healthcare expenditure.

Also, a decline in sales and pricing pressure in the US and other developed markets has forced companies to increase their focus on the APAC region. China and India offer a huge potential for market growth due to their developing economies and the size of the population. The key attributes that will govern the market in this region will be innovation, technology, reduced cost and existing products that are refined.

The key players dominating this space are DePuy Medical Pty. Ltd, a Johnson & Johnson Company(NYSE: JNJ), Smith & Nephew plc (NYSE: SNN; LSE: SN), Stryker Corporation(NYSE: SYK) and Zimmer Holdings Inc (NYSE: ZMH). Other players in this space are Implants International Ltd., KYOCERA Medical Corporation, subsidiary of Kyocera Corp. (NYSE: KYO; TSE: 6971), Japan Medical Dynamic Marketing, Inc. (TSE: 7600), Mathys Medical, OMNI Life Science, a subsidiary of Orthopaedic Synergy, Inc., Waldemar LINK and Wright Medical Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: WMGI).

'APAC Joint Replacement And Joint Reconstruction Market Through 2020', a strategic market report published by ABMRG recently, analyzes the joint replacement market for the entire APAC region. It reviews historical trends and forecasts (for the period from 2007 to 2020), annualized trends for sales in terms of value and volume, market growth, pricing (Average Selling Price or ASP), competitive landscape and market share. It outlines the joint replacement pipeline products and highlights findings of global clinical studies. It offers a cross-category comparison for the historical and forecast period. It also lists developments in the global industry over the last two years, including M&As, partnerships, clinical studies, pipelines, product approvals and launches, recalls and litigations, market dynamics, market drivers and restrains.

Why one should buy this report 

The report can be instrumental in making strategic decisions pertaining to:

  • Competitive orthopedic product launches in APAC or countries within the region.
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  • Identification of in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities, and recognizing potential business partners and M&A targets within the joint market.
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  • Managerial presentations to the management.

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