Amgen profits falter as drug sales erode; Glaxo freezes German prices in 'PR move';

> Amgen profits dropped by 7.4 percent to $1.02 billion, missing analysts' estimates, as declining sales for its top-selling anemia drugs and arthritis treatments depressed revenues to $3.31 billion. Report

> GlaxoSmithKline announced a price freeze in Germany in a move seen as an attempt to smooth its relations with government and other stakeholders there. Report

> Johnson & Johnson announced a 6.52 percent increase in the company's quarterly dividend: The new dividend is 49 cents per share versus 46 cents paid in the same quarter last year. Report

> Dozens of Brazilian residents are suing five chemical giants, including drug maker Eli Lilly, claiming they dumped, buried or burned tons of toxic waste that had been banned in the U.S. since the 1970s. Report

> Novartis is parting ways with contract sales specialist PDI, ending an arrangement under which PDI provided field sales reps and other promo services to support a Novartis brand in the U.S. Release

> An FDA advisory panel on Thursday narrowly backed Atritech's experimental device to prevent strokes in patients with irregular heartbeat. Report

> Sales of over-the-counter sleeping aids are up as one in four Americans lose sleep over the economic downturn. Report

> Novo Nordisk's key new diabetes drug Victoza received a significant boost on Thursday as European regulators recommended its approval, three weeks after U.S. experts cast doubt on its safety. Report

> FDA lab tests have identified 34 supplement products supplied by the same firm as containing undeclared sibutramine, a drug ingredient used for weight loss. Report

> Schering-Plough researchers unveiled new mid-stage data on the closely-watched hepatitis C therapy boceprevir which showed that viral loads for 75 percent patients taking the drug were reduced to undetectable levels. Report

> If you're in the market to have your whole genome sequenced--and join a very exclusive group--keep your eyes on eBay. Report

> A potential new blockbuster diabetes drug will have to sit on the shelf a few months longer as researchers gather up more safety data on the therapy. Report

> At the beginning of this month, Coast IRB was a flourishing independent-review firm overseeing some 300 clinical trials. Today, it's dead. Report

> Sanofi Pasteur says it is on track to start marketing a new vaccine to prevent mosquito-borne dengue fever by 2015. Report

> A new study published in Infection and Immunity says that an experimental vaccine against C. jejune, a major cause of traveler's diarrhea, worked to protect mice and monkeys in a clinical study and may well prove effective in humans as well. Report

And Finally... Bayer Healthcare brought 1,450 sheep to its Richmond, Calif., campus to graze on 17 acres of grass, clearing the way for native plant growth. Report