ALSO NOTED: Watson gets OK to sell generic pain drug; Merck adds Reuters CEO to its board

> Watson Pharmaceutical got the FDA's blessing to sell its generic version of Combunox, a short-term pain-management drug made by Forest Laboratories. Report

> Merck has added Reuters Group CEO Thomas Glocer to its board. Report

> The FDA has inked a $6 million contract with Ingenuity Systems to help it slice and dice trial data to identify potential drug-safety problems. Release

> Nigerian pharma has grown by leaps and bounds since a new regulatory regime started cleaning up the industry six years ago; now there are 150 drug companies in the country compared with 70 in 2001. Report

> The recently-acquired Organon is getting a taste of Schering-Plough's research 'religion.' Report

> Researchers have created a new breed of mice that are resistant to the most aggressive forms of cancer. Report

> A team of researchers blitzed the C. elegans roundworm with tens of thousands of chemicals and found 115 that prolonged their short lives. But one, the antidepressant mianserin, is now commanding all of their attention. Report

> Scientists have transplanted stem cells that create new blood into the bone marrow of mice, advancing a new process that could eventually cure autoimmune and genetic blood disorders. Report

> Connecticut's decision to funnel $100 million into embryonic stem cell research has fueled a host of research programs in the state. Report

> Scientists at the University of Oxford are preparing clinical trials to test a new way to treat kidney and liver tumors. Ultrasound waves will be directed to tumors, where bubbles will develop and pop, releasing heat and killing cancer cells. Report

> 23andMe is offering people a chance to send in a swab of saliva that can be analyzed for inherited traits and some idea of their personal disease risks--all for a cost of $999. Report

And Finally... Two renowned Texas heart surgeons who've been feuding for 40 years--Dr. Michael DeBakey and Dr. Denton Cooley--have finally buried the hatchet. Report