ALSO NOTED: UT hospital bans pharma promos;FDA approves Abbott HIV drug for kids;

> The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio is readying a conflicts-of-interest policy that will ban all gifts from the drug industry, no matter how small. Report

> The FDA gave its blessing to a child-sized dose of the anti-HIV drug Kaletra, made by Abbott Laboratories. The company plans to launch the medication for kids in the U.S. this month. Report

> Cardiogenesis got the FDA's nod for a robotic device for laser hear surgery. Report

> AstraZeneca tapped Kenneth L. Murtha as regional supply VP for the Americas; he had been vice president for business operations in the U.S. Report

> San Francisco's non-profit pharma, the Institute for OneWorld Health, has hired Nina Grove as vice president; Grove had been director of commercial regulatory affairs at Genentech. Report

> Schering-Plough hired the Swedish construction company Skanska to oversee the $60 million expansion of a Summit, New Jersey, facility. Report

> Humacyte has had some success developing material that can be used to craft new blood vessels. Report

> Scientists at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation are reporting success in advancing an experimental, preclinical vaccine that can prevent or slow Alzheimer's. Report

> The Independent is reporting that scientists at the Oregon National Primate Research Center are on the verge of announcing that they have developed a new technique for cloning embryos from adult monkeys. Report

> Cytogen says that CEO Michael Becker has handed in his walking papers in order to "pursue another executive position." Report

> Alabama is betting $65 million that its new HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville will prove the launch pad for a burgeoning new biotech industry. Report

And Finally... Can you be too clean? If you use antimicrobial soap, you may be speeding the evolution of supergerms. Report