ALSO NOTED: Sepracor chair to retire in May; Study shows Glaxo drug outpacing Pfizer's Spiriva;

> Sepracor chairman Timothy Barberich will retire by May, according to a disclosure filed with the Securities and Exchange commission; Barberich is the drug maker's former CEO. Report

> A GlaxoSmithKline-funded study showed that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients using its asthma drug Seretide (Advair) were half as likely to die as those using Pfizer's Spiriva. Release

> Pfizer India sold several of its brands, including Listerine and Benadryl, to Johnson & Johnson for $55 million. Report

> Cephalon is asking the FDA to extend the use of its chemo drug Treanda to lymphatic cancer in patients who have stopped responding to Genentech's Rituxin. Release

> India-based Wockhardt got U.S. FDA approval to sell its copycat form of Zyrtec, the allergy med. Report

And Finally... Researchers have identified the reasons why fish oil protects people from Alzheimer's disease. Report