ALSO NOTED: Roche anticipates drop in Xenical sales; FDA reviews Sular formulation; Concateno buys Cozart

> Roche expects sales of its weight-loss drug Xenical to drop in Australia, now that the country has banned direct-to-consumer advertising of the product. An Australian court recently put the kibosh on Xenical advertising because of concerns that it was being sold to people who didn't need it. Report

> The FDA is set to review new formulations of the Sciele calcium-channel blocker Sular. The new versions of the drug use a controlled-release delivery technology developed by Skyepharma - known as Geomatrix - designed to provide a lower dose of Sular for each of its current dosing levels. Report

> British drug-and-alcohol testing company Concateno has agreed to buy Cozart, a drug-testing firm, for about $129 million. Report

> In a cost-cutting move, Bayer is pulling out of the New York Stock Exchange and de-registering with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Bayer isn't the first foreign company to do so; U.S. reporting rules and other red tape are costly. Bayer expects to save 15 million euros a year from the move. Report

And Finally...Perhaps the FDA needs to consider slapping a black box onto Orville Redenbacher. Apparently, microwave popcorn presents health risks not only for the workers who make it - remember the rare lung disease contracted by some from the butter-flavored additive diacetyl? - but also for us poor slobs who pop open a sack on movie night. Report