ALSO NOTED: Regulators reconsider Ransom recall; Consort profits plummet on Exubera loss

> Whew! That's the mood at U.K. pharma William Ransom as regulators dialed back their demands for a recall of 11 products. Report

> Talk about side effects. Consort Medical, the medical devices company that made components for the abandoned Pfizer insulin formula Exubera, saw profits drop by 41 percent on charges related to shutting down the factory where those components were made. Report

> Generics maker Teva Pharmaceutical Industries got the FDA's final approval to sell a copycat version of Trileptal, the Novartis epilepsy drug; the two companies still are embroiled in patient litigation over the product, however. Report

> A Utah doctor has been charged with illegally prescribing painkillers to as many as 80 patients a day in what may be the largest prescription-drug case in state history. Report

> Healthcare services company United Drug has bought JVA Analytical of Dublin. Report

> Like so many other big drug developers, GlaxoSmithKline has announced that it will be shaking up its R&D operations. Report

> At a meeting with investors yesterday, Merck highlighted several of its late-stage pipeline hopes. Report

> Wyeth is revealing more Pristiq data today from two Phase III clinical studies of the drug. Report

And Finally... They thought it was just a cold, and it was--but unfortunately, it was the killer version. Report