ALSO NOTED: Pfizer loses second bid for journal records; Genzyme eyes 170-worker expansion in Ireland;

> A federal judge in Boston denied Pfizer's attempt to get peer reviews and notes from the New England Journal of Medicine; the ruling follows another, similar decision two weeks ago in favor of the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Archives of Internal Medicine. Report

> Genzyme announced plans to expand its manufacturing and research facilities in Waterford, Ireland, planning to hire another 170 people there. Report

> A German patent court revoked Pfizer's protection on Lipitor's active ingredient, but the company says its basic patent on the med remains in force till November 2011. Report

> Wyeth and Progenics Pharmaceutical got Canadian regulators' approval to sell their Relistor drug designed to relieve constipation caused by opiate pain meds. Report

> Rumors of the Lunesta moth's death have been greatly exaggerated: Sepracor intends to use the animated critter in its DTC ads for some time to come. Report

> Bayer denied rumors that it was on the verge of issuing a profit warning. Report

> Older antipsychotics used to pacify nursing home residents may worsen Alzheimer's symptoms, a new study shows. Report

> ProStrakan got clearance to sell its post-operative anti-nausea drug xomolix in Germany, the U.K., and six other countries. Report

> An experimental drug has demonstrated an ability to improve memory and slow the effects of aging in rats. Researchers believe the same drug--S18986--can interact with AMPA in human brains. Report

> The Myelin Repair Foundation has spent $10 million so far to identify 18 new drug leads for multiple sclerosis. Report

> Genzyme is getting some public backing for a $200 million expansion project in the south of Ireland. Report

> Florida lawmakers are looking to cap biotech investment. Report

And Finally... The brouhaha over heparin has cast a spotlight on the use of animal products in therapies. Report