ALSO NOTED: Panama files drug charges; Taro delays Sun merger

> Panama has filed charges against the top executive of the company that sold the deadly chemical diethylene glycol to drug makers for use in cough medicines and other remedies. That sale led to at least 94 deaths and perhaps hundreds more. Officials did not identify the executive by name, but are seeking her extradition; she is a Spanish citizen. Report

> Israeli drug maker Taro says it's putting off its shareholders meeting until late fall, delaying its proposed merger with Indian drug maker Sun Pharmaceutical Industries. Sun agreed to buy Taro in May for $454 million. Report

> Depomed chairman and CEO Dr. John Fara has retired, to be replaced as president and chief exec by Carl A. Pelzel, who's been the company's executive vice president and COO. Board member Dr. Craig R. Smith will take over as chairman. Depomed's claim to fame is an extended-release drug-delivery technology; it currently sells modified forms of metformin and ciprofloxacin. Release

And Finally... Presidential hopeful John Edwards unveiled an ambitious cancer-fighting plan over the weekend. Spurred by his wife's battle with breast cancer, Edwards says he's prioritizing the broader fight against the disease. Article