ALSO NOTED: JHP takes over King Pharma plant; AstraZeneca expands giveaway program

> King Pharma sold off its Rochester, Michigan, manufacturing plant to JHP Pharmaceuticals for $93 million in cash; JHP will take on the plant employees and contract manufacturing there. Release

> AstraZeneca is adding 150 more facilities to its list of healthcare providers that get free AZ drugs for low-income patients. Report

> A new study shows that flu shots do benefit patients 65 and older, adding fuel to the argument over the efficacy of the vaccines in the elderly. Report

> The Irish pharmaceuticals distributor United Drug says its year-end profits will beat market expectations, with double-digit year-over-year sales growth. Report

> Three of Europe's biggest drugmakers have teamed up with the British government to launch Stem Cells for Safer Medicines (SC4SM), a non-profit that will develop stem cells for safety testing of new drugs. Report

And Finally... Oh, the tangled web of intellectual property claims woven by stent makers since the devices were born in 1994. With $6.5 billion in annual sales at stake, no wonder so many companies are fighting over who owns what. Article

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