ALSO NOTED: Investors sue Sanofi over Acomplia, again; Teva gets UK nod for copycat migraine med;

> Investors have filed a second class action suit against Sanofi-Aventis, alleging that the company misled them about the anti-obesity drug Acomplia, known as Zimulti in the U.S.; the company says it will "defend itself strongly" against the suit. Report

> Teva Pharmaceutical Industries won UK approval for a generic version of Imigran, a migraine drug sold by GlaxoSmithKline. Report

> Pfizer says it will appeal a Canadian court's ruling in favor of Apotex, a generics maker attempting to launch a copycat form of Lipitor before the brand-name drug goes off patent in 2010. Report

> Takeda Pharmaceutical has applied for FDA approval for its new diabetes drug Alogliptin; the Japanese company hopes the new product could replace Actos sales when that product goes off patent in 2011. Release

> A forthcoming editorial in the British Medical Journal contends that proton pump inhibitors such as Nexium are over-prescribed in England. Patients with chronic indigestion might get as much benefit from older, cheaper heartburn drugs, the authors state. Report

And Finally... Here's an argument for suppressing news about drug side effects: The "nocebo" effect, in which patients experience side effects because they're told they will. Report