ALSO NOTED: Indian pharma set for 13 percent growth; Amgen pays for tax breaks on new warehouse;

> The Indian pharma industry is poised for 13 percent growth over the next three years, according to a new research report from Boston Analytics. Report

> Amgen has agreed to pay Lehigh County in Pennsylvania in exchange for tax breaks on a new warehouse and distribution facility planned for the area. Report

> AstraZeneca got the FDA's blessing on its once-daily form of the schizophrenia drug Seroquel for maintenance treatment of schizophrenia. Report

> Ranbaxy Laboratories is launching its copycat version of the prostate treatment drug Flomax in Canada, where there's a $22 million market. Report

> China may have seized the spotlight in the Pacific Rim recently with a string of new research developments, but India's still a player. India's Nicholas Piramal has inked an R&D pact with Merck, agreeing to advance experimental therapies for two oncology targets selected by Merck in exchange for milestone payments of up to $175 million for each new drug. Report

> The news that Eli Lilly's experimental anti-clotting drug Prasrugel was linked with a higher risk of fatal bleeding has converted a large group of analysts into disbelievers in the company's stock price. Report

> VaxInnate is in a tight race to develop the first "universal" flu vaccine that would be able to tackle a variety of influenzas and do away with the annual winter jab. Report

> A new compound has proved effective in animal studies in restoring electrical activity in the muscles of muscular dystrophy patients. Report

> The renowned cloning scientist Ian Wilmut says he's abandoning cloning as a source of medical cures in favor of a new approach that creates stem cells from skin fragments. Report

> A small gene therapy study involving a handful of Parkinson's patients has produced impressive data indicating that they may be on to a potential breakthrough. Report

And Finally... PS3 gamers and a team of internationally renowned scientists have joined forces on global molecular project. Report