ALSO NOTED: India's Jubilant to buy Draxis for $255M; Wyeth plans $96M Singapore expansion;

> GlaxoSmithKline has won FDA approval for Rotarix, an oral vaccine for the prevention of rotavirus in infants and children. Report

> India's Jubilant Organosys has agreed to buy Canada's contract manufacturer Draxis Health for $255 million. Report

> Wyeth plans to invest $96 million to expand its nutritional manufacturing facility in Singapore, increasing capacity by 50 percent. Report

> In an ongoing war of words between pharma and government over a new drug-price agreement in the U.K., Sanofi-Aventis warns that it could move investment away from Britain if the NHS cuts prices. Report

> Standard & Poors said the credit outlook for the generics industry has turned more positive in the intermediate term because of favorable growth prospects and operating performance of established players in the business. Report

> One in 15 hospitalized children is harmed by medication mix-ups, accidental overdoses, and bad drug reactions, new data shows. Report

> The number of similarly named drug pairs has nearly doubled since 2004 to 3,170, increasing the risk of medication errors. Report

> Increasing numbers of kids in the U.K. are taking anti-psychotic drugs despite the fact that the drugs aren't approved there for use in kids and their long-term safety hasn't been established, the BBC reports. Report

> Chinese drug makers are aiming to undercut Indian manufacturers on several key medicines sold via the bulk supply market in the subcontinent. Report

> A proposed government-funded pharmaceuticals discount card for the uninsured in New York state would offer 30 percent off brand-name meds and 60 percent off generics. Report

> Abraxis BioScience plans to buy South Africa's Shimoda Biotech for $15 million. Report

> In the Wall Street Journal, Sanofi's R&D chief Marc Cluzel (photo) discusses Sanofi's plans for expanding in China. Report

And Finally... Steroid-fueled muscles may stay that way for years after the drugs stop, Swedish research shows. Report