ALSO NOTED: GSK to launch cervical cancer vaccine in EU;Ranbaxy licenses Sirtex cancer remedy;

> GlaxoSmithKline is now ready to launch its vaccine against cervical cancer, Cervarix, in the E.U--and analysts expect revenues of $2 billion to $5 billion there, based on rival Gardisil's performance in the U.S.  Report

> Ranbaxy Laboratories inked a licensing deal with Australia's Sirtex Medical to market the colorectal/liver cancer drug Sir-Spheres. Report

> Cardinal Health tapped CEO R. Kerry Clark as chairman, to replace retiring chairman and founder Robert D. Walker. Report

> Pfizer got EU approval for Celsentri (maraviroc), its new, first-in-class HIV fighter. Report

> Bristol-Myers will buy its drug-development partner Adnexus Therapeutics for about $415 million. Report

> Novartis got the E.U. nod for its Exelon patch, a treatment for mild to moderate Alzheimer's. Report

> The EU's drug safety committee recommended approval for Schering-Plough's combination hepatitis C treatment. Report

And Finally... Here's another drug safety dilemma to round out the day's news: Patients often take handfuls of different prescription drugs daily, in potentially deadly combinations, along with OTC chasers for good measure. Report