ALSO NOTED: GSK faces Tyverb setback over safety; Boehringer warns of inhaler's stroke risk;

> GlaxoSmithKline's cancer med Tyverb--sold in the U.S. as Tykerb--faces a reassessment for European approval on news that a small number of patients have suffered liver side effects. Release

> Boehringer Ingelheim warned regulators that patients using its respiratory inhaler Spiriva Handihaler face a greater risk of stroke. Boehringer jointly markets the treatment with Pfizer for use in chronic obstructive lung disease and emphysema. Report

> Takeda Pharmaceutical is reportedly close to a deal to buy out Abbott Laboratories' interest in their joint venture, TAP Pharmaceutical Products. Report

> Big Pharma's collective stampede from the inhaled insulin field is claiming the jobs of 150 people who work at Alkermes. Report

> Kosan Biosciences is laying off more than a third of its 91 workers as the developer concentrates its resources around its lead cancer therapies in a restructuring that has also shuffled its newly appointed president into the CEO's post. Report 

> Switzerland's Basilea took its turn on the public markets' whipping post, shedding 27 percent of share value after announcing that its antibiotic ceftobiprole had failed to quickly win over FDA regulators. Report

> The argument over the FDA's role in regulating cancer therapies often comes down to one man: Dr. Richard Pazdur, a veteran oncologist and chief of the agency's oncology office. Report

> A team of scientists led by British Nobel laureate Sir Aaron Klug has advanced a new approach to gene therapy. Report

> What do you get when you mix 20 drug developers active in the diabetes field with a room full of geneticists? Hopefully, a new generation of therapies that pinpoint subsets of the disease. Report


And Finally... Scientists are heralding a breakthrough on blindness therapies. Report