ALSO NOTED: Gardasil could reach $10B in sales; Abraxis gets tentative approval for generic cancer drug;

> HPV vaccine News Update: Analysts think Gardasil could become not just a blockbuster, but a megablockbuster with $10 billion in sales. Report

> Abraxis got a tentative approval from the FDA for its generic version of Campostar, Pfizer's colorectal cancer drug that goes off patent next year; 2006 sales of the brand-name version were $527 million. Release

> Drug distributor McKesson says it's buying Oncology Therapeutics Network for $575 million, hoping to ride the rising wave of demand for cancer meds. Report

> The FDA has hired a training firm to help boost morale at the agency, spending $1.5 million over two years to instruct its staffers on leadership, problem solving, and communication. Report

> Much to Ireland's disappointment, Amgen said it would "postpone indefinitely" a planned €800 million manufacturing facility in County Cork. Report

> Centocor, a Johnson & Johnson company, announced promising Phase III results for ustekinumab (CNTO 1275), a treatment for psoriasis. Report

> Hollings C. Renton, CEO of Onyx Pharmaceuticals, announced plans to retire next year. Report

And Finally... Rats on sildenafil citrate suffer less from jet lag. The researchers who delivered this welcome news--a big relief to trans-Atlantic rodent travelers everywhere--nabbed a spoof Nobel Prize last night, along with scientists who studied sword swallowers and extracted vanilla flavoring from cow dung. Report

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