ALSO NOTED: FDA announces generic Risperdal, then retracts; Botox maker probed for off-label marketing

> The FDA announced that it had approved Ranbaxy's version of the Johnson & Johnson antipsychotic Risperdal--only the Indian firm hadn't applied. The agency quickly issued a retraction; Risperdal isn't scheduled to go off-patent till June. Report

> Botox maker Allergan may be in hot water for promoting the injection as a headache remedy, an off-label use; the Department of Justice is investigating. Report | Report

> Sanofi-Aventis got European approval to sell a 300 mg "loading dose" of its blood-thinner Plavix. Report

> A Nigerian court granted bail to a former Pfizer exec jailed in connection with a lawsuit over a meningitis drug trial in that country. Report

> Drug developers with questionable data beware. The FDA is taking no prisoners, and handing out no approvals, for developers suffering from data integrity issues. Report

> Cambridge, Massachusetts has been home to many of the world's most innovating drug developers--and now it's home to a start-up in the biotech fold that is pioneering a pricey new service to map the entire genetic code of individuals. Report

> When is a cancer therapy good enough? The Boston Globe examines answers to that question following the recent controversy over the FDA's decisions in the field. Report

> Leaders in the nanotech field have been beating a path to Congress, asking lawmakers to significantly boost federal support of research into molecular-level advances. Report

> Hormones produced by the heart could play a remarkable role in controlling and perhaps even curing cancer. Report

> Forget those studies of long-lived Italian shepherds and Greek fishermen. It's not fresh air or exercise or a simple whole-foods diet that causes certain people to live past 100, a new study shows. Instead, it's a set of genetic mutations thought to interfere with normal cell growth and thus slow aging. Report

And Finally... Several of the world's top biomedical research institutes--including a couple run by biopharma giants--have made this year's list of the best places for postdocs to work. Report