ALSO NOTED: Congress attacks FDA labeling idea; Abbott profits on surging Humira, Depakote sales;

> Dingell watch: In what's becoming an almost daily event, the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter to the FDA, this time complaining of the agency's proposal to restrict drug-and-device companies' ability to add warnings to their product labels. Report

> Abbott Laboratories reported a $1.2 billion profit for the fourth quarter on stronger sales of its rheumatoid arthritis treatment Humira, epilepsy remedy Depakote, cholesterol fighter TriCor, and HIV drug Kaletra. Report

> Wyeth paid Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates $380,000 in 2007 to lobby Congress and the Health and Human Services Department on drug approvals, reimbursement rates, and other healthcare issues. Report

> Johnson & Johnson launched its over-the-counter version of Zyrtec today, greeting aggressive marketing from Schering-Plough on behalf of its competing allergy drug, Claritin. Report

> Estée Lauder's Clinique brand and Botox-maker Allergan are teaming up on a new high-end skin care line to be sold in doctors' offices. Report

> A new survey shows that 19 percent of U.S. doctors refuse to see drug and device sales reps, and another 22.7 percent require reps to have an appointment. Report

> GlaxoSmithKline will start laying off all 236 employees at its plant in Bristol, England, in April. Report

> India's Cipla said third-quarter profits grew 14 percent to $53.7 million. Report

> American adults are largely ignoring a slate of important new vaccines that can prevent serious illness, according to a new survey from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. Report

And Finally... Wal-Mart is plotting a move into prescription benefits management, planning to negotiate contracts directly with employers to process and pay prescription drug claims. Report