ALSO NOTED: Canadian courts swamped by patent cases; Government to eye small firms for off-label pitches;

> Drug-patent cases are clogging Canadian courts, with some 30 judges assigned to 350 cases that involve highly specialized, technical knowledge. Report

> The government's next target of off-label marketing probes? Small companies, biotech firms, and medical device makers. Report

> China's Aoxing Pharmaceutical inked a deal to buy Shijiazhuang Lerentang Pharmaceutical, which specializes in traditional Chinese medicines for pain management. Aoxing will pay $10.8 million in cash plus 8 million shares of common stock. Report

> India's Nicholas Piramal is eyeing acquisitions in the U.S. and Europe. Report

> Endo Pharmaceuticals named David Holveck as its new president and CEO. Report

> Keryx Biopharmaceuticals' stock price wiped out on the rocky shores of a failed late-stage trial of its lead drug, Sulonex, for diabetes. Report

> EUSA has raised $50M to help fund a Cytogen buyout. Report

> Scientists have used a new computer modeling program supported by the NIH to simulate how a lethal pandemic flu outbreak could hit a modern American city. Report

> Northwestern University scientist Richard Silverman's work led to the blockbuster Lyrica, which translated into more than $700 million in royalties from Pfizer. And his story--told by the Chicago Tribune--illustrates the crucial role that a technology transfer office can play in moving an experimental therapy into the hands of a biopharma company with deep pockets. Report

> The FDA is taking a look at a fresh set of standards that demand new tests to determine if diabetes drugs elevate heart risks. Report

> A group of some of the most prestigious research groups in the country says that five years of flat budgets for the National Institutes of Health is threatening to deter an entire generation of young researchers. Report

And Finally... As drug makers race to develop a FSD drug for women, some psychologists and academics are protesting the "medicalization of women's sexuality." Report