ALSO NOTED: Canada nixes Lilly's Parkinson's drug; Company looks to snap up ex-Pfizer workers;

> Eli Lilly's Permax will be persona non grata in Canada as of August 30. After studies showed the Parkinson's treatment can cause serious heart-valve damage, Lilly in March voluntarily pulled Permax from the U.S. market. Now, Health Canada is ordering the company to stop selling the drug there. Report

> Health Canada also becomes the latest regulator to announce it's reviewing safety data on Prexige, the Novartis Cox-2 inhibitor that Australia withdrew from the market earlier this week. Release

> Laid-off Pfizer staffers may have reason to hope: A pharmaceutical services company is opening an Ann Arbor location, and it's eyeing ex-Pfizer types. Report

> The FDA wants more time to review Endo Pharmaceuticals' supplemental new drug app for the pain med Frova. Endo had applied to expand Frova's label to short-term prevention of menstrual migraine. Report

And Finally... Lyrica isn't making hay only for Pfizer. The $1.2 billion nerve-pain and epilepsy med is bestowing plenty of moolah onto its alma mater, Northwestern University, where chemist Richard Silverman laid the groundwork necessary for its development. Blog