ALSO NOTED: BMS catches flak for AIDS-drug prices; Teva inks co-marketing deal with Belgian pharma;

> Bristol-Myers Squibb drew fire from AIDS activists this week when it raised the prices of its anti-HIV drugs. Report

> Teva Pharmaceutical Industries announced a co-marketing deal with Belgium-based UCB, covering respiratory meds such as Teva's inhalation drug ProAir HFA. Report

> The Greek pharma group Alapis has bought Lamda Applied Pharmaceuticals Laboratory, a pharma services company, for $703 million. Report

> King Pharmaceuticals got the FDA's OK for its revised label on the blood-clotting drug Thrombin-JMI. Report

> Novo Nordisk is dropping its inhaled-insulin product, a choice that will cause hundreds of job cuts and cost $260 million in charges against earnings. Report

> Bristol-Myers Squibb won the patent race last year, with 82 new patent approvals. Report

> The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that terminally ill patients don't have the right to access experimental drugs. Report

> Fortune writer John Simons is taking Merck to task for taranabant and anacetripib--two development programs he finds particularly risky. Report 

> Genentech's blistering growth is starting to cool. Report

And Finally... A new strain of highly drug-resistant MRSA is spreading among some men in San Francisco and Boston. Report

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