ALSO NOTED: Bayer sues Watson over Yasmin; Zimmer weeds out doc conflicts

> Open another chapter in the Bayer fight to protect Yasmin patents: Watson Pharmaceuticals filed for FDA approval for its copycat version of the birth control pill, and Bayer sued to keep the drug off the market. Release

> Device maker Zimmer is working to cut "potential or perceived conflicts of interest" in any consulting deals with docs, by banning all gifts to healthcare professionals, pulling back on sponsoring doctor presentations at conferences, and reviewing royalty deals for potential conflicts--and in some cases, suspending payments. Report

> Alabama's Supreme Court ruled that GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis will have to face claims that they inflated Medicaid drug prices--together. The drugmakers had argued for separate trials. Report

> Shire has seen its share price drop by 22 percent over the past six months as investors worry that patients aren't switching to the ADHD treatment Vyvanse, its lead drug. Report

> India's Dabur Pharma said longtime shareholders the Burman family would sell its entire 65 percent stake in the company to a unit of Germany's Fresenius. Report

> Amylin Pharmaceuticals posted a larger first-quarter loss on higher marketing costs for diabetes meds Byetta and Symlin; the company lost $68.8 million last quarter versus $49.4 million during the same period last year. Report

> QLT said that its Visudyne eye treatment marketed by Novartis posted first-quarter sales of $36.5 million, a decline of 40 percent from first quarter of last year, because of increased competition from new macular degeneration meds. Report

> BrainCells is moving its lead program into a Phase IIa trial after boosting its second venture round with a second tranche. Report

> The FDA is prepared to back a new safety standard on preclinical drugs that could--at some point--significantly reduce the time and expense of testing a new therapy. Report

> The war between Biogen Idec and Wall Street raider Carl Icahn is heating up. Report

> Wyeth and Elan have suspended dosing patients in a mid-stage study of the experimental Alzheimer's vaccine ACC-001 after seeing one of the patients in the study develop skin lesions. Report

> The U.K.'s Renovo has seen shares bounce back on the news that two more mid-stage studies have produced positive results. Report

And Finally... With a new safety threat reported almost every day, is this becoming the United States of Anxiety? Report