ALSO NOTED: Bayer expands production; India may replace drug agency; Ranbaxy in Bradley hunt;

> Bayer plans to more than double its production of over-the-counter meds in Indonesia, to 2,000 tons annually from its current 700 tons. The company acquired its West Java plant from Roche and spent about $25 million to expand it. Report

> The Indian government may overhaul its regulatory oversight of drugs. Parliament is expected to debate a measure that would replace its current regulatory agency with a new, more centralized authority. Report

> India's Ranbaxy Laboratories is one of the companies that bid for Bradley Pharmaceuticals, the Economic Times reports. Top Indian pharma Dr. Reddy's already was rumored to have submitted one of the non-binding offers Bradley announced last week. Deutsche Bank is advising Bradley on the sale. Report

> Don't look for pharmaceutical couterfeiters only in developing countries--they're right here in the American backyard. A New Hampshire medicine company has pleaded guilty to selling a fake drug trafficked from India and now faces up to half a million dollars in fines. Report

And Finally... Are hyperactive kids simply hepped up on food coloring? A study commissioned by the British government, and published in this week's Lancet, found that food coloring may stimulate hyperactivity. Article