ALSO NOTED: Analysis: Marketing brings in money for R&D; Osmetech submits app for warfarin test;

> Last week, we covered a study of drug companies' marketing expenditures. Here's an R&D insider's analysis of that research, in which marketing is cast as a very necessary evil. Report

> Osmetech has submitted a test of patients' sensitivity to the blood thinner warfarin to the FDA for clearance. The agency recently suggested that patients be screened for genetic variances before they're given the drug. Report

> Biogen Idec and Elan released more safety data on Tysabri, saying patient outcomes continue to support the drug's safety since its relaunch in July 2006. Report

> GlaxoSmithKline won kudos from The Globe and Mail as one of the best 50 employers in Canada. Report

> WuXi PharmaTech, a provider of R&D outsourcing services, has agreed to pay $151 million for Minnesota-based medical research group Apptec. Report

> As America's obesity epidemic continues, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are racing to create a pill that delivers significant weight loss without the unpleasant side effect of current obesity treatments. Report

And Finally... A Chinese scientist has developed a grape variety with six times the amount of super-healthy resveratrol, a compound associated with increased longevity and decreased heart disease. Report