ALSO NOTED: A look inside Pfizer biotech center; Giant Eagle boosts $4 generics plan;

> We've heard a lot about Pfizer's new California-based biotech innovation center. Now take a look inside the new venture as Corey Goodman--the head of the whole project--shares details about the company's plans to boost biotech development. Report

> Giant Eagle supermarkets is adding 100 drugs to its $4 generics program. Report

> Canada's Biovail reported third-quarter profits of $65.9 million--a big improvement over last year's third-quarter loss--but revenues fell on generic competition for its Wellbutrin antidepressant. Report

> At its annual meeting, the American Medical Association reaffirmed docs' right to prescribe drugs off-label. Report

> Warner Chilcott is settling a class-action antitrust lawsuit involving its contraceptive Ovcon 35 for $9 million. Report

> Sinclair Pharma founder Andrew Sinclair will not seek re-election to the company's board, but will remain at the company in an advisory capacity as honorary president. Report

> Women taking the birth control pill have a higher risk of cervical cancer, but that risk almost disappears within 10 years of stopping the drug. Report

And Finally... What if we could be better, stronger, faster with brains on drugs? It's a Brave New World already on its way. Report