Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies' ACE Axcel System Applies Smart Technology to Enhance and Simplify Physician Office Diagnostics

- Touch Screen Interface and Internet Connectivity Make In-Office Laboratory Testing Faster, More Convenient and More Cost Effective -

WEST CALDWELL, N.J., Aug. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies, LLC (AWDT), the market leader in clinical chemistry analyzers for the physician office laboratory, today announced the launch of its ACE Axcel™ Clinical Chemistry System.  The next generation ACE Axcel is designed to meet the needs of physician office laboratories and is cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration specifically for use in physician office labs.  


The ACE Axcel is an easy-to-operate system that produces quality results covering a range of the most widely tested conditions.  It adds touch screen functionality, an intuitive user interface and Internet connectivity to make in-office laboratory testing faster, more convenient and more cost-effective.  The system has an easy-to-use graphical user interface and touch screen technology for intuitive control.  Built-in Internet connectivity facilitates technical support, remote access and laboratory integration, and provides seamless connection to electronic health records using AWDT's Alfa LIS (Lab Information System) or other laboratory information systems.

"Our new ACE Axcel system builds on the quality and reliability of our market leading clinical chemistry systems to provide unparalleled ease-of-use, accuracy and efficiency to physician office laboratories," said Peter J. Napoli, President of Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies. "Intuitive touch screen technology and Internet connectivity streamline laboratory operations, increasing productivity and maximizing the potential for the lab to contribute to the financial health of the practice, while providing patients with the medical and convenience benefits of on-site laboratory testing."

The ACE Axcel is a self-contained system in a small footprint that can process up to 285 tests per hour with both photometric and potentiometric detection technologies. It can run any combination of single tests, panels or profiles from a comprehensive test menu, and has an open reagent system that enables custom assays. A STAT interrupt feature allows users to load and prioritize STAT samples during system operation to meet immediate diagnosis and treatment needs. 

Dr. John Chafos of Family Care Medical Practice in Green Brook, NJ, who evaluated the ACE Axcel, commented, "Physician office testing provides benefits to both patients and healthcare providers, and we found that the ACE Axcel system makes it easier than ever to incorporate diagnostic testing into our practice.  Features such as the touch screen control panel, high degree of automation, and reduction of sample and reagent handling have the potential to increase the productivity of our lab operations.  In addition, Internet connectivity will enable a higher level of technical support, a valuable benefit for our medical technologists."

The ACE Axcel includes a number of features that automatically ensure accurate results. Closed-tube sampling with the STEP module minimizes operator interaction with patient specimens, making for a safer workplace.  System calibration is automatically monitored on an ongoing basis. Web-enabled Alfa Assist™ technical support is available 24/7 and maximizes instrument uptime. Liquid, ready-to-use reagents eliminate operator prep time.  The on-board reagent refrigeration feature maintains specimen and reagent integrity and decreases handling.  In addition, reagent inventory is automatically managed by the system.

Trip Trepagnier, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for AWDT noted, "ACE Axcel automates and simplifies the testing process, while our nationwide network of award-winning service and support personnel ensures that our customers can rapidly deliver high quality diagnostic test results with maximum productivity and minimum hassle.  We believe the ACE Axcel system will be welcomed by our large established customer base, as well as by physicians who are concerned about the complexity and technical challenges of conventional diagnostic testing systems." 

Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies, LLC is a leading provider of clinical diagnostic instrumentation and reagents.  AWDT focuses on the needs of physician office laboratories and veterinary clinics.  Alfa Wassermann's diagnostic products include the high-performance, low-maintenance ACE Alera®, Vet Alera™ and Alfa LIS, which are sold worldwide to physician, veterinary and research laboratories.

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