Alcon Independent Director Committee Stands Firm in Commitment to Minority Shareholders

  • The IDC Rejects Novartis’ Continued Assertions That They Can Circumvent the Protections Afforded to the Minority Shareholders by Swiss Law and Alcon’s Organizational Regulations
  • IDC is Disappointed That Novartis Has Not Presented a Revised Merger Proposal to Consider

HUENENBERG, Switzerland--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Alcon Independent Director Committee (the “IDC”) responded today to Novartis’ continued assertions that they can circumvent the protections afforded to Alcon’s minority shareholders and reiterated its commitment to defend the minority shareholders’ rights.

The IDC remains confident in its legal position under Swiss Law and Alcon’s Organizational Regulations, as supported by both its Swiss legal counsel and Professor Hans Caspar von der Crone, a leading Swiss legal and corporate governance expert, and former Chairman of the Swiss Takeover Board.

Thomas G. Plaskett, Chairman of the IDC, said, “The IDC’s position is consistent not only with Swiss Law and Alcon’s Organizational Regulations, but with widely accepted principles of good corporate governance. We are disappointed that at no point since the beginning of this process has Novartis presented us with a revised proposal to consider. Novartis’ legal position as announced today continues to ignore, and seeks to undermine, the shareholder protections in Alcon’s organizational documents and Swiss Law. The IDC stands firm in its commitment to the minority shareholders of Alcon, and although our continued preference is for a negotiated transaction, we are confident in our legal position and are prepared to defend the rights of minority shareholders in a court of law.”

Greenhill & Co., Sullivan & Cromwell LLP and Pestalozzi, Zurich, are continuing to act as advisors to the IDC.

Important information regarding the proposal will continue to be posted on the Committee’s website:

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