After controversy, Plan B sales strong

Like Madonna, the Plan B has faced its share of controversy. Like Hilary Clinton, it's attracted more than its share of political sniping. Like both, it's risen undeterred. Since Plan B was approved for over-the-counter administration last August, sales of the pill have skyrocketed to $80 million for 2007, double the 2006 figure and eight times greater than 2004's. Its manufacturer, Barr Pharmaceuticals, says it's pleased.

Perhaps Barr fears that crowing too loudly about the pill's sales growth will only intensify critics' attempts to overturn the ruling that legalized OTC sales to customers at least 18 years old. A coalition of conservative groups have filed suit against the FDA to do just that. But advocacy groups are just as active, and they want everyone to be able to buy Plan B, regardless of age.

- read the report from The Washington Post

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