First-of-its-kind web based platform combines clinical and real world evidence to empower healthcare decision makers

SANTA ROSA, CALIF. March 15, 2016… Advera Health Analytics, a leading healthcare informatics company, today launched Evidex™ the first web based platform that combines annotated data from curated clinical trial results with structured real world drug evidence. Evidex provides the first end-to-end solution that greatly increases the speed and efficiency of new drug reviews by healthcare decision makers.

Evidex features on-demand pooled analyses, predictive identification of serious unknown risks, direct downstream medical cost calculations, and drug safety scorecards.  Evidex covers over 2,000 drugs across every indication with its real world safety data and analytics. The clinical evidence dataset contains both safety and efficacy data and analytics for over 800 clinical trials, including those for all Hepatitis C and Diabetes drugs in phase II and above.  Additional indications will be added in the coming months and data will be updated in real time as new evidence are obtained.

A single drug evidence review traditionally takes more than one week to complete.  With as many as sixty novel drugs up for FDA approval in 2016, identifying relevant studies, extracting data, and compiling those data into standardized analytical frameworks is nearly impossible for most healthcare organizations.  Evidex will change the way managed care professionals and other healthcare decision makers collect and process these data, conduct analysis, lower costs, and improve patient outcomes.  Evidex is the result of market demand from Advera Health's client base and is the evolution of the work the Company has done to make real world drug side effect data accessible, actionable, and predictable.

"Our clients made it clear that they needed a way to quickly obtain and aggregate clinical trial results and then compare those results with what is being observed in the real world post approval" said Brian M. Overstreet, CEO of Advera Health Analytics. "With evidence of a drug's safety and efficacy constantly evolving, our clients need to gather data quickly, conduct comprehensive analyses, and make standardized comparisons to inform recommendations and decisions.  Evidex was designed from the ground up to fill this important data and analytics gap."

In connection with the launch of Evidex, Advera Health Analytics will be releasing two special evidence reports in the coming days analyzing the diabetes drugs Tresiba (insulin degludec injection) and Marizev (omarigliptin).

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About Evidex™

Evidex is a web based platform that provides powerful drug insights using annotated data from curated clinical trials results and structured real world evidence. Evidex features on-demand pooled analyses, predictive identification of serious unknown risks, direct downstream medical costs calculations, and drug safety scorecards.

About Advera Health Analytics, Inc.

Advera Health Analytics is a healthcare informatics company that improves patient outcomes and reduces systemic healthcare costs through the comprehensive analysis of drug evidence. Utilizing proprietary data-mining and analytics Advera Health makes evidence accessible, actionable, and predictable. Advera Health provides solutions to enterprise markets including managed care organizations, health systems and hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry.