Actavis launches Docetaxel single vial on patent expiry in major European markets

Actavis launches Docetaxel single vial on patent expiry in major European markets


Reykjavik, Iceland, 29 November 2010 - Actavis Group, the international generic pharmaceuticals company, today announced the launch of a Docetaxel single vial, immediately after the patent expired in major European markets.
The cancer drug was launched by Actavis under its own brand in Germany, the Netherlands, UK and Sweden, as well as by Medis - the company's sales division to third-party clients - in the UK and Germany.
Actavis has also launched the Docetaxel single vial in Ireland, Finland, Portugal and Austria which were patent-free. The product will be launched across Europe - patents permitting - during 2010 and 2011.
Furthermore, Actavis has launched a Docetaxel twin vial in Romania, the Ukraine and in the Balkans.
Docetaxel is used to treat a range of different cancers including advanced breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and stomach cancer. The Docetaxel single vial is produced by Actavis in 20mg, 80mg and 140mg vial sizes. Docetaxel Actavis is the generic equivalent of the Taxotere® brand product from Sanofi Aventis.
The brand product, Taxotere® had sales across 29 countries in Europe of approximately EUR800 million for the 12 months ending 30 June 2010, according to IMS Health
The Docetaxel single vial is manufactured by Actavis in Romania.
Jonathan Ody, Vice President, Actavis Hospital business Unit:
"Actavis is delighted to be able to bring to the market a high quality single vial formulation of Docetaxel, the largest oncology product ever to go off patent in Europe, and we are launching it the day after patent expiry. Actavis also brings to market the unique 140mg vial size which is designed to be more convenient and reduce wastage."
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