A Forward Look, The Year Ahead - Research Report on Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc., Actavis Inc., American International Group Inc., ACE Limited and Flowers Foods, Inc.

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Today, Investors Alliance announced new research reports highlighting Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOR), Actavis Inc. (NYSE:ACT), American International Group Inc. (NYSE:AIG), ACE Limited (NYSE:ACE) and Flowers Foods, Inc. (NYSE:FLO). Today's readers may access these reports free of charge - including full price targets, industry analysis and analyst ratings - via the links below.

Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc. Research Report

Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has recently posted a huge 212% increase to $160.5 million for the fourth quarter net sales, and a 234% increase to $509.3 million for the full year. The company's GAAP earnings for the latest quarter were $1.03 per diluted common share, compared to 48 cents per diluted common share compared to the same year-ago quarter. The company also increased its quarterly dividend by 25% to 25 cents per share. "Net sales, net income and cash flow from operations grew sharply in the fourth quarter compared to the prior-year period," said Don M. Bailey, President and CEO of Questcor. This growth was brought about by the expansion of the prescription of H.P. Acthar® Gel, a repository hormone injection designed to prolong the release of medication. With the launch of commercial activities focusing the use of the drug on the treatment of rheumatology-related conditions, the increased prescription for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome by nephrologists as well as the prescriptions by neurologists for the treatment of MS relapses and infantile spasms, Acthar proved to be the significant factor in the company's recent growth. During the latest quarter, 6,330 vials of Acthar were shipped while a total of 20,741 vials were shipped for the full year. "We continue to invest in the future of both Acthar and our overall business capabilities," said Bailey. "In addition to the rapid expansion of our R&D investment, we have also substantially expanded our sales force, our reimbursement and compliance teams, and our manufacturing capabilities." January this year, Questcor completed the acquisition of Bio Vectra Inc., a supplier of contract manufacturing services and the company's manufacturing partner for the active ingredient used in Acthar. The Full Research Report on Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc. - including full detailed breakdown, analyst ratings and price targets - is available to download free of charge at: [http://www.investors-alliance.com/r/full_research_report/21da_QCOR]


Actavis Inc. Research Report

Actavis Inc. posted significant increases in earnings. The New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company reported a 13% increase to $1.75 billion for the latest quarter and a full-year revenue increase of 29% to $5.91 billion. Actavis also announced a diluted earnings per share of $1.59. Formerly Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the company underwent major re-branding upon the acquisition of the Actavis Group. "With the close of the Actavis acquisition and combination of our two companies, under our new global name, Actavis, Inc., we are beginning 2013 on a solid commercial and financial foundation, well-positioned for sustainable long-term growth," said Actavis President and CEO Paul Bisaro said. The company launched 1,000 generic products and filed more than 1,500 applications globally. In January 2013, Actavis the acquisition of Uteron Pharma SA begins the expansion and development of the company's Women's Health portfolio program. Actavis has also recently received approval from the FDA for its ANDA for Buprenorphine HCl and Naloxone HCl Dihydrate SL Tablets, 2 mg/0.5 mg and 8 mg/2 mg, the generic equivalent to Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare's Suboxone®. The company expects a total net revenue of $8.1 billion for the coming year. "We are focused on repaying our debt and maintaining a strong financial foundation to support strategic growth initiatives within our global businesses," Bisaro concluded. The Full Research Report on Actavis Inc. - including full detailed breakdown, analyst ratings and price targets - is available to download free of charge at: [http://www.Investors-Alliance.com/r/full_research_report/d9b4_ACT]


American International Group Inc. Research Report

Analysts view AIG's position in the market as stable, with ability acquire and retain clients through its global presence, and diverse product offerings and innovation. The company has just recently settled an agreement for an exclusive distribution relationship with HSBC in Turkey and France. As the exclusive provider of non-life insurance providers to the customers of HSBC Group, AIG expects to pay an approximately $55 million-worth of distribution access. The 10-year bancassurance agreement is geared towards the expansion of the distribution arrangement and operations platforms with HSBC in Turkey as well as the acquisition of HSBC's non-life subsidiary in France, HSBC IARD. Aside from overseas expansion, AIG is also looking to securing its share in the online application market with the development of the CyberEdge Mobile App for the iPad to address the rising concern about cyber threats and other business risks. As part of the company's CyberEdge Insurance Solution, AIG has also launched other tools such as third-party protection hardware AutoShun and risk management web portal CyberEdge RiskTool. The Full Research Report on American International Group Inc. - including full detailed breakdown, analyst ratings and price targets - is available to download free of charge at: [http://www.Investors-Alliance.com/r/full_research_report/3609_AIG]


ACE Limited Research Report

Zurich-based ACE, meanwhile, has announced the start of the company's energy risks underwriting through Syndicate 2488 at Lloyd's of London. Expecting to complement ACE's existing energy portfolio, ACE will write offshore risks on a global perspective, while also writing onshore risks on a global basis excluding North America. This move is geared towards extending the company's presence in the energy sector, especially in the oil and gas markets. ACE also targets Continental Europe's food and drink industry with the recent launch of a collaboration with red24assist. Partnering with the said global specialist in risk assessment, the insurance company aims to provide businesses with revenues of up to €1 billion with services such as pre-event risk management advice and support as well as protection from costly recall incidents. ACE reports that with the risk landscape of Europe's food and drink industry, the solutions provided by the company in collaboration with red24assist will help ensure access to risk management support for the clients. The Full Research ACE Limited - including full detailed breakdown, analyst ratings and price targets - is available to download free of charge at: [http://www.Investors-Alliance.com/r/full_research_report/7f49_ACE]


Flowers Foods, Inc. Research Report

Flowers Foods, Inc., a major producer and distributor of baked goods based in Thomasville, Georgia has announced a 17% increase in sales for the latest quarter, amounting to $749.4 million, and a full-year growth in sales of 9.8% to $3.05 billion. With volume increase of 10.3% for the quarter and 2.1% for the full year, the company posted diluted EPS of $1.03. Becoming the best-selling bread brand, the company's Nature's Own reached approximately $974 million in annual retail sales while 6.4% of the total sales growth is attributed to acquisitions made over the year. This month, the company has completed the acquisition of the licenses of Sara Lee and Earthgrains brands for sliced breads, buns, and rolls in California. As these products are distributed immediately in Southern California and further northward, the company expects to bolster brand presence in the state, augmenting the brand's reach by about 14.5 million people. "With pending acquisitions and market expansions currently underway, we expect to surpass our 2016 goal of reaching 75 percent of the U.S. population with our fresh baked foods three years ahead of schedule," Flowers President and CEO Allen L. Shiver noted. "Even so, we will have significant growth opportunities in our new markets and in our core territories for years to come and I am confident on our team's ability to achieve our long-term growth objectives," he concluded. The Full Research Report on Flowers Foods, Inc. - including full detailed breakdown, analyst ratings and price targets - is available to download free of charge at: [http://www.Investors-Alliance.com/r/full_research_report/62af_FLO]


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