As a key global ingredient supplier, problems in China can ripple worldwide as they have for Swiss CDMO Lonza.

Smoke from a fire set off by welding sparks reportedly killed 10 workers and injured a dozen rescuers at a pharmaceutical plant in China.

With drug development in China growing rapidly, Catalent has doubled down on its clinical supply capabilities in Shanghai.

Even as Aurobindo grows its footprint in the U.S., the FDA continues to find problems in its manufacturing.

Novartis’ Cosentyx has beaten out rivals from Eli Lilly and J&J to land a psoriasis nod in China.

Astellas is looking to snap up share with Xospata before an AML rival hits the scene, and new survival data could help speed that process along.

AstraZeneca’s Tagrisso has taken the EGFR lung cancer market by storm, but some patients develop resistance to the therapy. Enter Chi-Med.

Daiichi is transitioning from CV and metabolic diseases to oncology, and it says now is the right time for a new CEO to take the helm.