After an average 44% price cuts, Chinese government will add some blockbuster foreign meds like Celgene's Revlimid to its national insurance scheme.

With a patent loss looming, Takeda filed a citizen petition pushing the FDA to knock back generic Velcade competition.

Dr. Reddy’s is recalling 765,058 cartons of its Zenatane acne med, which was manufactured for it by compatriot Cipla.

Lingering regulatory problems at the Sun Pharma plant Halol, India, have contributed to a $14.1 billion slide in founder Dilip Shanghvi’s net worth.

Nonprofit executive Ethan Brewster can suddenly create body doubles of himself. If it sounds like a Marvel superhero comic plot, that’s because it is.

GSK's Cervarix may have been the first HPV shot approved in mainland China, but Merck's Gardasil now has an opening to gain the lead.

Dead set on defending its top drug, Johnson & Johnson is taking South Korea’s Samsung Bioepis to federal court over a biosim launch.

​​​​​​​Rocked by a corruption scandal in Korea, Novartis is working to strengthen and simplify its global ethics and compliance approach.