Phagelux Announces Acquisition of Key Assets of Scithera

SHANGHAI, MONTREAL and SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Oct. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Phagelux, Inc., a leading anti-bacterial company, is pleased to announce the purchase of the key assets of Scithera Microbial Technologies, Ltd., headquartered in Wuhan China, a pioneer in the research and development of lysin solutions for pathogen control in the field of human health.

The assets purchased include intellectual property for multiple lysins and for the rapid development of lysin solutions.  

William Wang, COO for Phagelux and who led Phagelux in this acquisition, says "we are extremely excited to add this platform and these specific technologies to our growing array of anti-bacterial solutions."  Dr. Sixiang Zhou, Director of Business Development for Phagelux, added that "one of the main drivers for this acquisition was the strength of the Scithera scientific team that will join Phagelux.  Simply put, Scithera has one of the strongest lysin development teams in the world."  The former Scithera scientific team will be located in new Phagelux laboratory facilities at the BioLake Science Park in Wuhan, China.

Dr. Hongping Wei, President of Scithera says "we are very excited to join with Phagelux because we have high confidence in the capabilities of Phagelux to rapidly commercial our scientific achievements in China and globally."

About Phagelux, Inc.

Phagelux, Inc. is developing anti-bacterial solutions across multiple fields utilizing various phage and phage-based technologies and solutions.  Phagelux is headquartered in Shanghai with labs and production facilities in China and North America. Phagelux has both HumanHealth and AgriHealth divisions.

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