Japan's Nihon Dempa Kogyo says device has potential to sniff out diseases

Japan's Nihon Dempa Kogyo said a highly sensitive odor detection system that uses crystal oscillators has the potential to sniff out diseases for quick diagnosis, Nikkei Asian Review reports.

Much like a breathalyzer, the device works by detecting trace amounts of odor-causing substances found in a person's breath, according to Nikkei, adding that work done in tandem with the University of Kitakyushu confirming identification of hepatic cirrhosis by detecting ammonia exhaled by subjects.

Nikkei said the Tokyo-based quartz crystal product manufacturer will attempt to match odor-causing substances and specific diseases to develop a reliable system for discovering and diagnosing a wide range of illnesses.

The company has reportedly reached out to medical equipment makers to help develop selective membranes related to specific diseases, according to Nikkei.

- here's the story from Nikkei