Indian pharma to face U.S. headwinds, but growth to remain 'stable'

Indian pharma companies will face growing challenges in the U.S. as fewer big drugs will be losing their patents in the coming years with increased competition and a rise in regulatory scrutiny all set to create headwinds for generics firms, according to the Indian investor firm ICRA. Drugmakers in India have booked strong growth over the past 10 years--driven mainly by the U.S. market--on account of large brands going off patent and sizable organic and inorganic expansion. But the investor firm, a part of the Moody's group, warned things might get tough as we head toward the end of the decade. But the firm said there will be other sales opportunities in lieu of increased R&D expenditure and product pipeline comprising specialty drugs, niche molecules and complex therapies--meaning the growth outlook for Indian pharmaceutical companies will remain stable, if not spectacular. Release

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