Fierce lands in Asia with our new report: FiercePharmaAsia

When we got started at FierceBiotech more than 13 years ago, our world was actually quite small. The U.S. biotech hubs consumed a lot of our attention, along with the pipelines of all the Big Pharma companies, wherever they were based. But 6 years ago, well after Europe found Fierce, we began to seriously concentrate some added efforts on the continent. The EuroBiotech Report followed, and now we're stepping halfway around the world to focus on Asia with our new, twice-weekly report, FiercePharmaAsia.

There's nothing local about drug development, marketing and sales. The same lung cancer drug that can be developed in Europe and the U.S. can be pointed to burgeoning Asian markets--and vice versa. Emerging market strategies have captured the attention of the world's biggest players. More recently, as biotechs are increasingly likely to fund drug development with IPOs and follow-ons, there's also been a surge of new transpacific deals as countries like China play host to a growing biotech market of their own.

Shanghai is becoming just as important to a company's future as San Francisco or London or New York. And we want to cover that transformation.

The editorial mission at FiercePharmaAsia, which will be guided by longtime Singapore-based correspondent EJ Lane, is the same as the rest of the Fierce life sciences reports you receive. We'll be putting biopharma news in context. Not just for our global audience of biopharma professionals, but also for the investors and service companies that are finding their own way in Asia. It will be quick, current and compelling, designed for global players who now get their news on laptops, devices and cell phones.

News can travel from one end of the earth to the other in a moment, but it takes an experienced hand to explain some of the inner workings of what's going on. We specialize in doing that quickly for a legion of nearly 300,000 subscribers and an online audience that now generates about 1.2 million web visits a month. Linking in Asia with our networks in Europe and the U.S./Canada gives us a global footprint with a small team of dedicated pros. And we'll be expanding on that as we build our presence in the region.

I encourage you to subscribe, if you haven't already. Here's the link. Also, if you have any ideas for this pub, send them my way. -- John Carroll (email | Twitter)

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