Of 31 drugs the Chinese government listed for a pilot bidding program, multinational pharmas landed only two contracts.

The deal will make Takeda "a more competitive, agile, highly profitable, and therefore more resilient company," said CEO Christophe Weber.

A Chinese maker of heparin and APIs for oncology and other drugs is investing nearly $150 million as it targets innovative drugs for China.

Litigation is growing over tainted blood pressure medications with a class-action lawsuit now filed in Florida against Walmart and three drug companies that…

A Chinese researcher claims is the world's first gene-edited babies; Takeda's Shire deal faces last-minute drama; Celltrion wins first Rituxan biosim…

European regulators are banning heparin from a Chinese facility after finding contamination risks with its production of the anticoagulant.  

Mylan has found a valsartan API it made in India contains impurities, leading it and customer Teva to recall more than 60 lots of products.

Citing high risks, Kunio Takeda, the drugmaker's leader from 1993 to 2009, said he doesn't support the Shire acquisition.