Merck & Co. has priced Keytruda at about $2,600 per vial in China, about a 50% discount compared to its U.S. tag.

Jiangsu Yew Pharma had its European marketing authorization suspended for refusing to allow inspectors into a manufacturing facility.

The FDA said it uncovered a second and unexpected cancer-causing impurity in three batches of the blood pressure medicine valsartan that were sold by Torrent…

India’s Sun Pharmaceuticals, which is working to shift its focus to novel and specialty drugs, has won FDA approval of a new treatment for glaucoma.

A senior member of the founding Takeda family spoke out against the Shire deal for the first time, calling it a betrayal of company culture.

Aurobindo buys parts of Sandoz for $1B; an ex-GSK scientist admits to stealing trade secrets; Lilly and Chi-Med's Chinese-made drug makes history.

The deal relieves Novartis of a troubled franchise while boosting buyer Aurobindo to the second-largest generics player by prescriptions in the U.S.

China, which has been waving through cancer drugs made by multinational pharmas, can now count a homegrown one among its approvals.

CDMO Olon is continuing its expansion binge with a deal to buy an API plant in India that supplies ingredients to Novartis.