Patient Influencers: Catalysts for engagement and activation through social media

Sponsored by: WEGO Health

The digital marketing landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. With new tactics and strategies introduced on nearly a daily basis, it’s hard to know which ones actually work and and are worth the investment.

For pharma marketers in particular, all engagement tactics are not created equal. In a highly-regulated environment like pharma, there’s an ongoing challenge to find turn-key solutions that can satisfy medical and legal review, while also driving measurable results and a compelling  ROI. 

At the same time, traditional advertising isn’t getting the job done. TV ads with actors don’t resonate with consumers, and the overall trust of the industry continues to be a hurdle to meaningful engagement.  

A growing number of pharma brands are discovering that working with trusted patient influencers presents new opportunities to reach and engage patient communities online. 

At this year’s Digital Pharma East, we caught up with two experts in pharma digital marketing -- Laurel Netolicky, VP of Business Development for WEGO Health, and Paul Murasko, Sr. Director of Digital Customer Interaction at Ipsen. We spoke to them about patient influencers and their ability to help brands build a stronger and more authentic connection to patient communities. Netolicky is part of the leadership team at WEGO Health, a digital engagement company that helps pharma brands build high-impact campaigns in collaboration with patient influencers across hundreds of conditions. WEGO Health has helped leading life sciences companies develop custom content and gain a greater share of voice within patient communities, ultimately driving high-valuations. Murasko has worked closely with numerous patient influencers in his many years leading digital strategy for several pharma companies. He believes digital engagement through social media is a winning strategy for brands, and that patient thought leaders are invaluable assets when it comes to shaping those initiatives.

Netolicky and Murasko discuss the benefits of collaborating with patient leaders, not just for their insights, but for message development and patient activation. Murasko lays out how the right partnership with the right patient can help brands drive high-value, bottom-of-the-funnel actions.

Netolicky explains that high-value actions can take different forms depending on the goals of the brand. Examples include downloading a doctor discussion guide for a CRM program or signing up for a medication management plan. These kinds of actions create new touchpoints with patients that can build trust with brands in the long-term. 

Murasko shares how he has found and measured success working with patient influencers, and which KPIs have proven most meaningful. 

Hear more directly from the experts in our interview, and if after watching you think a partnership with patient influencers is right for your brand, contact WEGO Health here.