Rising demand prompts Ipsen to keep French plant

French drugmaker Ipsen says that with increasing demand it no longer needs to sell a plant near Paris with nearly 600 employees. "There's been more international volume from countries like China, Russia," a spokesman tells Reuters. Reevaluating its place in the market last year as it faced generic competition, the company had put the plant on the block. It was in advanced discussions with a buyer, the news service reports. In a release, the company says the plant in Dreux employs more than 580 people, including 350 people in production and distribution. Annually, It produces more than 1 billion sachets, 700 million tablets, 235 million dry powder capsules and 65 million packs, while its distribution center handles 10,000 tons of drugs and 80 million boxes of drugs. The company has been in flux. Late last year, the company announced a reorganization of its U.S. operations, shifting its American headquarters from California to New Jersey, hiring 100 employees and investing $45 million in an upgrade of its R&D facilities in Milford, MA. Story | More