Merck licenses Bend Research's spray-dried dispersion tech

Merck ($MRK) has inked a deal with Bend Research to license the company's proprietary spray-dried dispersion technology.

Financial terms were not disclosed. The licensing deal also gives Merck the right to access any other of Bend's drug-delivery technology and intellectual property, such as technology focused on modified-release and drug-discovery formulation tools, depending on the drug giant's needs.

Bend, in its announcement of the deal, is vague about what the licensing deal will produce, other than noting that they want to "solve complex formulation and process development problems" and develop new "best-in-class" medicines.

Merck isn't the only company Bend has signed deals with. In 2010, the 240-employee company signed a three-year deal with Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) to allow that company to use its drug-formulation services. Bend Research also agreed to produce drugs that Bristol-Myers Squibb needed for clinical trials.

Local coverage of the Bend, Ore.-based company's deal with BMS explained that Bend's spray-dried dispersion technology has shown an ability to make heart disease pills more easily absorbed in the bloodstream, and more effectively dissolved in water.

Bend had also partnered with Pfizer ($PFE), but that deal ended in 2008, the Bend Bulletin reported.

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