CORRECTED: Proteonomix licenses in cells that deliver anti-cancer factors

Proteonomix has signed an agreement to license in technology behind human cells that can deliver factors capable of inhibiting tumor cell growth and causing tumor cell death.

The agreement, with an undisclosed partner, is for an exclusive worldwide license. This covers technology that can identify molecules that can kill tumor cells, as well as gene profiles for the cells and methods for isolating the factors from the cell growth medium.The company's chief scientist developed the in-licensed technology outside of the company, a spokewoman tells FierceDrugDelivery.

"Recent experiments demonstrated the ability of these novel human cells and even the culture media conditioned by these cells to inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells, ultimately leading to their death," said Proteonomix Chief Technology Officer Steven Byle. "This technology has the potential to identify molecules that can kill tumor cells and provides insights into the potential delivery of these inhibitory factors in vivo."

Proteonomix, which focuses on developing therapeutics based upon the use of human cells and their derivatives, will make an upfront license payment, as well as pony up potential milestone payments and royalties.

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CORRECTION: Proteonomix has licensed in, not licensed out, the technology described in this story. The headline and body of the story have been corrrected with this information. We regret the error.

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