CDMO Vetter finishes German IT facility

industrial campus

Years ago, German CDMO Vetter determined that in addition to building out its manufacturing capacity, it needed to expand its IT infrastructure to continue to satisfy clients. Now after two years, Vetter has wrapped up work on a 91,500-square-foot multipurpose facility in Schuetzenstrasse, Germany, that bulks up computing operations.

The site, which at its core is a "data processing center with enhanced security systems" will also incorporate laboratory space and offices, according to a release. Its €29 million construction is part of a €300 million scale-up the family-owned German CDMO is undertaking to build its manufacturing capacity and offer new services.

Vetter started construction on the site back in 2013 in response to new demand for improved IT systems; the company says the data storage capabilities can protect information from "external physical hazards in the event of an emergency."

"With the installation of these future-oriented IT systems, we are early-on addressing the need for increased connectivity between customers and their manufacturing partners, like Vetter, to efficiently share and store data without concern for its safety," Oliver Albrecht, a Vetter managing director, said in a statement.

Last September, Vetter started on a 5-year, €300 million expansion that also includes an investment in Ravensburg Vetter West intended to double capacity there when it opens in 2017. Ravensburg Vetter South will also receive "significant enlargements" as part of the plans, according to a statement.

In addition to its German plants, Vetter has a presence in Chicago and Asian operations in Singapore and Japan. Last year, the company grew sales by 10%, according to a release, and supported 9 drug approvals.

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